Freeze Dryers

FreeZone Freeze Dryers are designed to handle the lyophilization needs of research and pilot plant laboratories. Benchtop and mobile console models are offered. Collectors that reach -50° C are available with capacities from 2.5 to 18 liters. Freeze Dryers with collector capacities that reach -84° C are ideal for freeze drying samples with low eutectic temperatures including ones containing acetonitrile. A 4.5 liter freeze dryer that reaches -105° C is available, which is suitable for samples containing dilute methanol and ethanol.


A Guide to Freeze Drying for the Laboratory

Industry service publication which provides background information on the principles of freeze drying.

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FreeZone Freeze Dryers Catalog

Contains a selection guide, features and benefits, specifications and ordering information on the complete line of FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems, with collector capacities from 1 to 18 liters; FreeZone Legacy Triad Systems; FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers; FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryers; drying accessories; glassware and rotary vane vacuum pumps.

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Catalogos de Sistemas de Liofolización FreeZone

Contiene una guía de selección de liofolizadoras, caraterísticas y beneficios, especificaciones e información para ordenar de la línea completa de Sistemas de Liofolización FreeZone, con capacidades del colector de 1 a 18 litros; Sistemas Triad FreeZone ; FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers; FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryers; accesorios de secado; frascos de vidrio y bombas de vacío rotativas de paletas y accionamiento directo.
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Gail was responsible for something irreplaceable: a key link to the future of her company... and a cure. 
When she visited Kelly at Labconco, Gail's struggle led to an epiphany that would change how laboratory freeze drying is done. With the creation of Lyo-Works OS, samples can now be monitored from anywhere. And with End-Zone™ End Point Detection, now FreeZone Freeze Dryers can even send you an alert when your samples are completely lyophilized. 

How to Choose the Right Freeze Dryer (LINDA the Lab Manager)

Linda knows what features to look for when buying or replacing your laboratory's freeze dryer. Find out more in this new Lab Manager video.

Setting up a Labconco FreeZone Benchtop Freeze Dry System

Quick set up guide with instructions on connecting a FreeZone Benchtop Freeze Dry System (manufactured before July 2017) to a vacuum pump and installing the chamber or manifold.

Troubleshooting Vacuum Leaks in Labconco Lyophilizers

Learn to troublesoot vacuum leaks in Labconco FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems

Labconco Vacuum Pump Setup

Video describing the process of preparing a vacuum pump for installation and use with a Labconco FreeZone Freeze Dry System. Explains how to add oil, install exhaust filter, and more.

Preparing Pre-freeze Samples in Flasks for Lyophilization

Here are some simple tips to get the best results when freeze drying. These tips can also help you avoid breaking glassware, and help you select the best method of freeze dry preparation.

Programming the Labconco FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryer

Setting up and programming the FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryer (manufactured before July 2017) to work with a FreeZone Freeze Dry System during lyophilization.

Setting Up the Labconco FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryer

Video describing the process of setting up and installing a FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryer (manufactured before July 2017) for use with a FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems.

Aseptic Adapter Usage and Overview

Valved flask adapter to maintain aseptic conditions when freeze drying. Used with Labconco Fast Freeze Flasks 120mls up to 2000mls and Mini Stoppering Chamber. These adapters allow the user to fill a freeze dry flask under sterile conditions prior to lyophilization. After filling the flask, the valve is closed off isolating the contents for transportation to the freeze dryer. Once the flask is attached to the freeze dryer and a vacuum is pulled, open the flask to vacuum using the adapters valve. After freeze drying, close the valve and transport the samples back to the biosafety cabinet to open.

Freeze drying a cupcake: "Sublime at 40"

We freeze dried a cupcake in a Labconco FreeZone to celebrate the 40th birthday of Labconco Freeze Dryers. Come lyophilize with us!

Labconco Freeze Dry History Trailer

40 years in 40 seconds: This short video trailer is compiled from highlights of the 5 minute history video wherein Executive Emeritus John McConnell describes the 40 year history of the Labconco Freeze Dryer from its development in 1972, to the first products in 1974, up to today (filmed in 2014).

Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification

Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification for FreeZone Freeze Dryers

For validation of predetermined FreeZone Freeze Dryers specifications. Provides a checklist of installation and operation qualifications to complete when beginning operation on new or used FreeZone Freeze Dryers manufactured in August 2017 or later. These systems have Lyo-Works™ OS, blue control panel labels and stainless steel fronts.

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Declarations of Conformity

CE Declaration of Conformity - FreeZone Freeze Dryers

For FreeZone Freeze Dryers

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Application Notes

Concentration of Solutes: Options for the Removal of Solvents from Samples

This Labconco application note briefly discusses the various options for removing solvents including evaporation, vacuum concentration, lyophilization, reverse extraction, dialysis and precipitation.

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Methodologies using the Freeze Dryer

Approximate Freeze Drying Times, Procedure for Freeze Drying Fish Samples for Volatile Substances Using a 4.5 Liter Freeze Dry System, Extraction and Analytical Method for "Microcystin LR" in Cyanobacteria Samples, General Freeze Dry Application for Snake Venom and Other Small Volume Samples of 0.4 ml or Less, Freeze Drying Fungi, General Freeze Dry Application for Monitoring Soil Samples, Freeze Dry Applications for Monitoring Anti-Cancer Drugs and Freeze Drying Mango Powder.

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Safety Data Sheets

Lexsol 542 SDS

Safety data sheet for heat transfer solution used in FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers manufactured since 2004 and FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry Systems.

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