Articles 03-15-2017

4 things you need to know about airflow monitors on chemical fume hoods

This article will have you discussing airflow monitors like an expert. Airflow monitors are required on chemical fume hoods. There are many types of airflow monitors, and your mechanical system type matters to your airflow monitor... 

Articles 05-10-2016

How to Properly Care for Your Freeze Dryer

Want to know the secrets to getting the most use and years out of your freeze dryer? Let's break down application, usage and maintenance to maximize the life of your freeze dryer...

Articles 07-25-2017

Video: Creation Story of the Axiom Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet

Brian Garrett feels a deep obligation to provide biosafety equipment that is "as bullet proof as possible" for the protection of the scientists and researchers on the front lines. Type A2 and B2 biological safety cabinets have been replaced by the new Type C1. Its cost and advantages over other Class II biological safety cabinets render traditional biosafety cabinet types purposeless...

Articles 07-19-2017

Designed by microbiologists, for microbiologists

The world’s first Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet has the potential to change the industry. The Purifier Axiom Class II, Type C1 BSC is the brainchild of two microbiologists, one a seasoned engineer and the other a skilled manager of product development. With that team in your corner, a lot can go right—and it did...

Articles 07-18-2017

How to determine end point during laboratory lyophilization

Because the presence of vapor molecules within the flask raises the vacuum level, the vacuum level inside of a flask that is undergoing lyophilization will be higher than the system’s vacuum level. 

Articles 07-13-2017

What's the difference between a home freeze dryer and a lab freeze dryer?

While the general lyophilization concept, sublimation, is the same for both, the equipment, and the results, are vastly different. Below are the key differences between a home freeze dryer and a laboratory, or scientific, freeze dryer...

Product Announcements 07-11-2017

Press Release: New safety benchmark for full-view fume hoods, redesigned Protector ClassMate

The ClassMate’s mostly glass constructions allows instructors to keep an eye on their pupils’ safety during class, and the high performance rating gives them extra confidence that the hood will prevent contaminants from entering the breathing zone... 

Product Announcements 07-06-2017

Press Release: New FreeZoneĀ® Freeze Dryers come with peace of mind, built-in

This year, we’ve taken our commitment to protecting your sample integrity a step further, redesigning our freeze dryer line to incorporate unique features focused on bringing utility and peace of mind to the people behind the process... 

Articles 06-20-2017

Michael Flanagin: A day in the life of a Labconco Representative

“The process of developing a laboratory equipment solution from start to finish can take anywhere from three months to 24 months,” Michael stated, “so you often don’t get things done in one meeting or even two. It can take months or even years of work...”

Articles 06-20-2017

Washing efficiencies reduce laboratory headaches

Ultimately, the process of washing volumetric pipettes can cost your lab as much as 600 L of water and 23 hours of downtime... 

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