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Sublime at 40 Freeze Dry Contest Winners

From the Desk of Jenny Sprung, Labconco Freeze Dryer Guru:

We have a winner! And we have six Honorable Mentions as well!

Entries were judged based on the creativity and style of the image and the written portion of the entry, as well as the age of the unit.

The winner is Mr. Kush Shah at Texas A&M–go Aggies!!!

Above: Labconco Representative David Spence congratulates Kush and staff and presents them with their prizes.

Above: Contest Winner Kush Shah with the winning freeze dryer, his new prize glassware, Mini Stoppering Chamber, PrimeMate Oil Change System and other accessories!

And here is the photo that Kush entered:

"Our freeze dryer has been well maintained with pride and care by our lab members and operates perfectly... We will use the newly acquired equipment to perform cutting edge research in the field of nanotechnology and drug delivery."

His freeze dryer was so old that we couldn't track the serial number in our system. Mr. Shah was also using an old style of glassware (with bright blue tops) that we haven’t seen in ages! And the unit is still functional.

Congratulations Kush! And may your $9000 worth of shiny new FreeZone Freeze Dryer Accessories live in harmony with it for another 40 years.

We’re also thankful for these entries, worthy of Honorable Mention:

Most colorful samples

"This freeze dryer is operating 24/7, 365 days a year. We are a facility open to the entire college campus, and that keeps our unit in continuous and contentious demand..."

Submitted by Mr. Douglas Turner of Stanford University.


Most ingenious use of a kitchen pot

"I have used Labconco Freeze Dryers 'til they go obsolete. I want to use them 'til I go obsolete. I still have a few productive years left."

Submitted by Sushma Trehan of Physical Optics Corp.


Best freeze dryer selfie (yes, those are eyeballs)

“We love our old freeze dryer. All the laboratory staff used it during our college days, and now we’ve become chemistry teachers, researchers and investigators. It arrived at the laboratory when all was beginning, and we think it’s sad at the thought of being replaced by a newer model…”

Submitted by Universidad Nacional Costa Rica


Best photo editing

Those are fireworks in the background, folks. This one’s not an oldie, but it’s a goodie.

“In Mexico, it's difficult to find this kind of equipment for the laboratory… Thanks Labconco, you are awesome :) You always answer my questions.”

Submitted by Maira Moreno of CIMAV, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Oldest functioning freeze dryer

This may have been the first one off the line, and he submitted two that were about this old!!! According to the contestant’s records, this one is from 1981!

Submitted by Stephen K. Howard of Auburn University


Most enthusiastic

“In 2009, we realized it had been working for 25 years. So far, it has been working for 30 years! WOW! We change the oil for the pump regularly…”

Submitted by Central China Normal University

What have I been telling you, kids? Change your vacuum pump oil or invite certain doom.

Congratulations to the winner and all of our Honorable Mentions! And thanks so much to everyone who participated.


Hooray! It’s the Labconco Freeze Dryer’s 40th birthday!

The freeze dryer may be the one who’s turning "Sublime at 40,” but Kush Shah is the one getting the gifts.

As the winner, Kush will receive the 40 piece prize package, which includes the PrimeMate® Oil Change System, the Mini Stoppering Chamber, and a valuable assortment of freeze dry glassware, adapters and accessories.

These specific items are included in the Grand Prize:

Product Quantity Retail Value
PrimeMate Oil Change System  1  $2,100
Mini Stopper Chamber  1  $1,230
1200ml flask  4  $1,184
900ml flask  4  $1,020
600ml flask  4  $980
300ml flask  4  $788
Tube holder 12-13mm  3  $699
Tube holder micro tubes  3  $699
45╦Üstainless steel adapter  8  $310
Straight stainless steel adapter  8  $238
*Total Prize Value  40  $9,248

Terms and Conditions

  • Contest Entries must be submitted by September 30, 2014.
  • Void where prohibited by law or company policy.
  • Incomplete entry forms will not qualify.
  • Product appearance and specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Prize will only be shipped to a business address.
  • Regular shipping charges are included in prize.
  • Labconco employees, distributors and vendors are ineligible.
  • Winner agrees to allow Labconco to publicize his/her name, video(s), image(s) and statements on Labconco's website and in physical and digital media.
  • No substitutions or refunds are allowed.
  • Allow 4 to 8 weeks after winner has been chosen for shipment of products.

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