Michael Flanagin: A day in the life of a Labconco Representative

Michael Flanagin Labconco Representative based in Chicago

We checked in with Michael Flanagin, the Labconco Representative for the northern central region, to better understand a day in the shoes of a Labconco Representative. Many of our representatives work outside the office across the United States or across the globe. Michael is in Chicago, a short flight from our Kansas City home base.

Although no day is the same, his morning starts with a phone call or a web request, which is the initial introduction followed by Michael placing a face-to-face meeting. Michael tries to meet with at least three different clients face to face every day. These meetings could be as short as 15 minutes or could last for as long as it takes to answer laboratory planning and equipment questions for any size of group, which might take hours. Michael says, “I want to learn as much as I can about the laboratory’s current projects, architecture, the lay-out of their labs, and especially their biggest pain points we can try to address.”

“The process of developing a laboratory equipment solution from start to finish can take anywhere from three months to 24 months,” Michael stated, “so you often don’t get things done in one meeting or even two. It can take months or even years of work.”

Over lunch, he usually stops at his second office – Panera – where he turns their free wi-fi and bottomless coffee into intelligent answers to the onslaught of emails he receives every day.

In the afternoon, he follows up on new calls for help. If a customer is looking for a specific piece of equipment, he inquires if they have a favored equipment distributor. Then he gets skilled partners at that distributor involved and hands it off to them to take care of the final details to get the equipment delivered. Often times he follows up a week or so later to see if his clients need anything else.  

Michael wears many hats from presiding over Type C1 Axiom Lunch-and-Learn sessions to joint-training sessions with dealer representatives, along with the occasional visit to ongoing or recently completed projects.

One of Michael’s favorite things about his position is being on the frontline for Labconco. He loves being in the labs and working with the scientists and researchers; getting to know their needs and supplying solutions. “I believe these labs are doing work that will change lives every day,” Michael says. “One lab is making 3-D antigens that will be able to detect breast cancer when injected. That’s world-changing work and it is being done in our equipment.” 

You can contact Michael (or the representative for your area) when you need expert laboratory equipment and planning help. 

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