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Science News 12-06-2016

Real lab efficiency vs. pipe dreams

Did you realize that using the wrong kind of biosafety cabinet can turn an otherwise innocuous procedure into a major drain on the lab's energy bill. Or that washing pipettes with certain popular types of equipment uses 50 times more water than necessary?

Science News 07-07-2016

Ducted or Ductless? That depends...

If you’re stuck in a place between a fume hood and a hard ceiling, consider using a filtered fume hood. Since more and more laboratories find they cannot duct out, or are choosing not to duct out, in order to save on energy costs, there is a diverse range of carbon filtered fume hoods for most chemical fume hood needs...

Science News 07-01-2016

Science Pioneers and Science City Join Forces

In 1956, Science Pioneers was incorporated in Kansas City as a non-profit organization to foster, develop and encourage youth in the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)...

Science News 05-05-2016

Adding Efficiency to Labs

Energy efficiency in a lab can be worth thousands of dollars of savings per year. Equipment such as a single fume hood can use the equivalent energy of three and a half single family homes per year...

Science News 03-03-2016

Stress and Cancer

It seems everyone knows someone who has or has had cancer. It’s one of the biggest medical mysteries of recent time. With so many types and variations of cancer, each treatment is often a guessing game as to what will work for a specific patient. There are still major questions about the growth and movement of cancer cells...

Science News 02-16-2016

Gravitational Waves Detected

Just over 100 years since publishing his General Theory of Relativity in 1915, Albert Einstein has been found correct once again. Perhaps, like myself, he’s tired of being right all the time? We’ll never know...

Science News 11-12-2015

Going Green in the Lab

Currently under construction, the £15.8 million laboratory build is part-funded by UK pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The university says the building will be carbon neutral in 25 years – the time it will take for excess energy created by the building to provide enough carbon credits to ‘pay back’ carbon used in its manufacture...


Science News 10-22-2015

Improving Energy Efficiency in the Lab

Fume hoods get a reputation for being major energy hogs, but as this article mentions, there are things that can be done to lower the amount of energy exhausted while the hood is not in use...

Science News 07-28-2015

Know your options: Ducted vs. ductless fume hood selection

There are many variables to consider when deciding between ducted or ductless chemical fume hoods for your installation...

Science News 05-07-2015

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) lab uses filtered fume hoods

Because filter technology has evolved over the years, a larger variety of applications can be performed safely in a filtered hood...

Science News 04-16-2015

Filtering fumes: Benefits of sustainable chemistry

Aside from affecting humans, plants and animals also suffer from contact with toxic chemicals. Green chemicals, however, either degrade to innocuous materials or are recovered for further use. Capturing chemical fumes in...

Science News 05-20-2014

Brush up on safety tips specific to your biosafety level

It's important to know the specific precautions that need to be taken when working with biohazards. The first step is to definitively know the biosafety level the substances you are working with requires...

Science News 11-19-2013

Lyophilization considerations for research and development

Labconco manufactures lab-scale freeze dryers that can be used for R&D prior to a scale up process. This article outlines what you need to know before scale up can begin...

Science News 09-09-2013

Is There Room for Less Than Certain Fingerprints from Crime Scenes in Court?

A statistical model was recently developed to bring the benefits of probabilities to forensic science, specifically fingerprint analysis. Published by Cedric Neumann and coauthors... in the journal Statistics in Society, this model quantifies fingerprint evidence so that when absolute certainty cannot be claimed for certain prints...

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