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Product Announcements 07-11-2017

Press Release: New safety benchmark for full-view fume hoods, redesigned Protector ClassMate

The ClassMate’s mostly glass constructions allows instructors to keep an eye on their pupils’ safety during class, and the high performance rating gives them extra confidence that the hood will prevent contaminants from entering the breathing zone... 

Product Announcements 09-19-2017

Press Release: Smarter, more reliable protection for your samples

The lyophilization process will never change. But now freeze dryer controls make the process quicker and more reliable... 

Product Announcements 08-29-2017

Press Release: Cart for the Cure™ & Breast Cancer Awareness

When we realized how dedicated many of our associates are to fighting breast cancer, Labconco wanted to do something as a company to support their efforts. Cart for the Cure™ is our answer.

Product Announcements 07-06-2017

Press Release: New FreeZone® Freeze Dryers come with peace of mind, built-in

This year, we’ve taken our commitment to protecting your sample integrity a step further, redesigning our freeze dryer line to incorporate unique features focused on bringing utility and peace of mind to the people behind the process... 

Product Announcements 09-05-2016

Press Release: Axiom biosafety cabinet honored as a finalist for R&D 100 Awards for Innovation

Kansas City, MO--Since its release in June 2015, the Purifier® Axiom®—a Class II, Type C1 biological safety cabinet that can function in either Type A or Type B mode—has made waves in laboratory spaces across the country... 

Product Announcements 03-29-2016

New ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer: Use 98% less water, 85% less time

Combining direct injection cleaning, the scrubbing action of percolation and the consistency of automation, we streamlined the washing process while requiring considerably less water and substantially less time...

Product Announcements 01-19-2016

USP <800> Compliant: RXPert™ Filtered Balance Systems

According to the USP <800> guidelines, hazardous active drug ingredients intended for non-sterile compounding should only be handled in an enclosure that protect both personnel and safely contains powders generated during preparation... 

Product Announcements 10-20-2015

Biosafety cabinet human factors design

Keeping the ergonomically sound design of the Delta and Logic as the foundation, the goal of Inclination Technology was to maximize safety through observing and understanding human habits. Modifications that evoke the essence of the human experience were added to the...

Product Announcements 06-30-2015

CA fuming problems solved: New CApture BT offers greater control & feedback

When Labconco set out to develop a new bench-top CA fuming system, we worked closely with forensic scientists to ensure that we addressed and eliminated several frustrations they face during the fuming process....

Product Announcements 10-21-2014

Purifier® Axiom™ makes Class II Biosafety Cabinet selection easy

Ask any life science laboratory employee working in microbiology and they will tell you how confusing and frustrating it is to select a new biosafety cabinet (BSC) for the lab...

Product Announcements 05-22-2014

WaterPro BT produces point-of-use RO-purified and Type I water

Need small quantities (1-10 liters per day) of pure water? The WaterPro BT is a compact all-in-one benchtop system that delivers two pure water types...

Product Announcements 12-16-2013

PrimeMate Oil Change System saves time, reduces mess

Reduce the hassle and mess of changing the oil in your rotary vane or hybrid pump. Depending on your pump, the PrimeMate Oil Change System performs up to four oil changes before the dirty oil container is emptied and a clean oil container replaced...

Product Announcements 11-06-2013

Introducing the WaterPro BT Benchtop Water Purification System

Just In Time for the holidays, Labconco has launched the new WaterPro BT, an all-in-one benchtop water purification system designed for laboratories that require up to 10 liters of RO and/or ultrapure (Type I) water per day...

Product Announcements 08-26-2013

Purifier Filtered PCR enclosures provide Class 5 air to analyze DNA and other samples

Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures minimize the risk of cross contamination by producing an ISO Class 5 work area and utilizing a UV light to denature contaminating DNA or RNA.

Product Announcements 07-15-2013

Video: Introducing the Labconco Mini Stoppering Chamber

When you only need to stopper a few samples, Labconco’s new Mini Stoppering Chamber is the perfect accessory for your freeze dryer. The Mini Stoppering Chamber connects directly to a port on your...

Product Announcements 07-13-2011

Labconco RapidVap Vertex Dry Evaporator

Using dry heat and nitrogen blow down, the NEW RapidVap Vertex Evaporator speeds evaporation of up to 50 samples at the same time...

Product Announcements 07-06-2011

Horizontal Clean Benches: Reaching New Depths

Labconco introduces the addition of a 26” deep work surface to the stainless steel model of the Purifier Horizontal Clean Bench. Not only does this provide an increased work area, it also allows for larger equipment to be placed inside.

Product Announcements 03-18-2011

Filtered PCR Enclosures provide Class 5 air

Filtered PCR Enclosures minimize risks of cross contamination by producing an ISO Class 5 work area and utilizing a UV light to denature contaminating DNA or RNA. A contaminant free environment is critical for PCR testing to ensure the purity of the DNA sample.

Product Announcements 02-23-2011

New CentriVap micro IR: good things come in small packages

The New CentriVap micro IR vacuum concentrator has the smallest footprint available, measuring just 9 square inches and weighing only 20 pounds.

Product Announcements 02-11-2011

New AtmosPure Re-Gen Gas Purifiers now available

Our new AtmosPure Re-Gen Gas Purifiers, compatible with both Precise and Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes, are now available.

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