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Articles 05-18-2017

The problem with fentanyl: Handling toxic drugs

Fentanyl’s appearance is white and powderous in nature, much like flour, and it can easily be confused for illicit drugs with much lower potencies such as heroin or cocaine... And here is the cause for concern – lethal doses of fentanyl and heroin, side by side...

Articles 08-30-2017

People at Labconco: 5th Annual Wreath Ride at Fort Scott Cemetery

“We are so grateful to the community of Fort Scott for hosting this event and for continuing to spread our mission,” said Karen Worcester, executive director of Wreaths Across America...

Articles 08-09-2017

Video: How to Choose the Right Freeze Dryer

If your freeze dryer has been ruining samples, breaking down, or just generally requires a lot of baby-sitting, it may be time to look into updating it. Our “Linda the Lab Manager: How to Choose the Right Freeze Dryer” video will guide you to the right choice.

Articles 08-08-2017

June Truelove “Voice of Labconco” Retiring

No one exemplifies the Labconco brand of caring about our customers and people more than June. She has been our touchstone to show us the way...

Articles 07-25-2017

Video: Creation Story of the Axiom Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet

Brian Garrett feels a deep obligation to provide biosafety equipment that is "as bullet proof as possible" for the protection of the scientists and researchers on the front lines. Type A2 and B2 biological safety cabinets have been replaced by the new Type C1. Its cost and advantages over other Class II biological safety cabinets render traditional biosafety cabinet types purposeless...

Articles 07-19-2017

Designed by microbiologists, for microbiologists

The world’s first Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet has the potential to change the industry. The Purifier Axiom Class II, Type C1 BSC is the brainchild of two microbiologists, one a seasoned engineer and the other a skilled manager of product development. With that team in your corner, a lot can go right—and it did...

Articles 07-18-2017

How to determine end point during laboratory lyophilization

Because the presence of vapor molecules within the flask raises the vacuum level, the vacuum level inside of a flask that is undergoing lyophilization will be higher than the system’s vacuum level. 

Articles 07-13-2017

What's the difference between a home freeze dryer and a lab freeze dryer?

While the general lyophilization concept, sublimation, is the same for both, the equipment, and the results, are vastly different. Below are the key differences between a home freeze dryer and a laboratory, or scientific, freeze dryer...

Articles 06-20-2017

Michael Flanagin: A day in the life of a Labconco Representative

“The process of developing a laboratory equipment solution from start to finish can take anywhere from three months to 24 months,” Michael stated, “so you often don’t get things done in one meeting or even two. It can take months or even years of work...”

Articles 06-20-2017

Washing efficiencies reduce laboratory headaches

Ultimately, the process of washing volumetric pipettes can cost your lab as much as 600 L of water and 23 hours of downtime... 

Articles 06-01-2017

Carbon Filter Capacity: Is my filter half full, or half empty?

 Like any filter in today’s laboratory, significant energy is spent replacing used carbon filters, so it is critical to understand how long your filters should last.

Articles 05-23-2017

3 Takeaways from the 2016 NSF/ANSI Standard 49 update

In March of 2017, the National Sanitation Foundation released the 2016 update to NSF/ANSI Standard 49 (NSF 49). If you own, manage or operate a laboratory with biosafety cabinets (BSCs), here are three major ways the new standard impacts your operations.

Articles 05-23-2017

Video: Gail's Story-Laboratory Freeze Drying Risk & Reward

Gail was responsible for something irreplaceable: a key link to the future of her company... and a cure. 

Articles 05-09-2017

Common mistakes when using a laboratory freeze dryer

Here are solutions for several common mistakes made in laboratory lyophilization. Following these suggestions can increase the quality of your samples and prolong the life of your freeze dryer...

Articles 05-03-2017

Freeze drying using isopropyl alcohol

The uses of IPA (isopropyl alcohol) in pharmaceutical applications are numer-ous. An inexpensive precursor for manufacturing other pharmaceuticals is just one of the many uses of IPA. But if a drug requires long term storage or shipment, freeze drying is used. That's where freeze drying at a very low temperature is required...

Articles 04-27-2017

How to select lab vacuum pumps for high vapor-flow applications

First things first. The first criterion in selecting a pump is to make sure that you have one that produces vacuum in the most effective range for your application. Most evaporative applications in the lab are best served by diaphragm pumps. These can be made...

Articles 04-17-2017

The Right Biological Safety Cabinet for Your Job

Mike May's article, "The Right Biological Safety Cabinet for Your Job" in Lab Manager Magazine uses reference material and expert interviews to lead you to the right biological safety cabinet for your laboratory and your specific procedures. 

Articles 04-04-2017

USP update: Enclosure selection guide for the compounding pharmacy

USP <800> is a broad chapter, providing guidance when handling both non-sterile and sterile hazardous drugs. A significant portion of the chapter, focusing on enclosure selection, can be complex to navigate...

Articles 03-28-2017

Axiom Week: Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Axiom Week! Think you know all about the Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet? Then this week is for you! Stay tuned all week to enrich your biosafety knowledge!

Articles 03-27-2017

Video: Evaporator & Concentrator YouTube Playlist

When you want to help yourself to expert knowledge in the form of video, it's nice to know Labconco RapidVap® and CentriVap® concentrators have a home on YouTube. Find how-to information about installation and setup for all of Labconco's evaporator equipment on this playlist

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